ISWA 2019

ISWA 2019

The ISWA World Congress 2019 is a global event focused on sustainable waste management, circular economy and resource efficiency. Several themes were discussed during the event, such as: new & smart technologies, landfills and closing dumpsites, waste management in developing countries, waste to energy, waste reduction, prevention, and environmental responsibility, among others.

Camille Auriault from LGI presented the results of the transition assessment conducted for the 5 circular models of paperChain. The objective of the study was to identify the drivers and barriers that shape the transition process between a linear and a circular model, and to define under which conditions is this transition beneficial. First, Camille described the methodology used in this study, and then took the example of the circular case 3 in Slovenia.

She finally presented key determinants that ease transition between linear and circular models. These determinants include: The knowledge of the different businesses:

  • Established business partnerships
  • Geographical proximity
  • Involvement of a waste manager or an R&D partner
  • Using “Low-hanging fruits” processes as starting point
  • A top-management open to new practices
  • Sustainability as one of the partners’ value

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