PaperChain has actively participated in the Horizon Results Booster (HRB) program. As a result of the development of this service and thanks to it, we got in touch with the Pulp&Fuel project. The reason for the choice was that we found synergies with this sister project in our objectives and also in the origin of the waste we work with. Both projects deal with the valorization of different waste streams from the paper industry, incorporating circular economy strategies. Pulp & Fuel aims to develop new biofuels from residuals such as bark and black liquor dregs. While in paperChain we valorize other types of waste, so both projects are complementary for the industry. Within the different Circular Cases we have developed, we have found a great affinity with CC4, which includes as an intermediate process the obtaining of ethanol from fiber waste, such as short fiber reject and knot reject. Both projects share the origin of the waste analyzed (paper industries) and the end user sector (the chemical sector).  In addition, both projects share a common partner: RISE Processum, who have been particularly involved in the development of this dissemination event.

During the last few months, we held meetings between the communication and dissemination managers of both projects (CEA and Greenize), and as a result of these meetings common objectives were defined, such as maximizing dissemination and finding ways for future exploitation activities. 

As a culmination of these meetings, an event was held in which this joint workshop on exposure of experiences and results from both circular economy projects could take place. After analyzing several alternatives, we applied to participate jointly in the EU GREEN WEEK 2021, which was finally accepted at the technical level. 

For the design of the event, both projects saw clearly that we had to invite CEPI as a catalyst and moderator of the event. CEPI, the European Paper Industry Association, very kindly accepted the challenge through its Trade & Industrial Policy Director, Bernard Lombard. 

For weeks we were preparing the event, with the idea of generating an interesting event that would allow to disseminate the main results of both projects and that would also enable a debate. The panel was aimed at encouraging the implementation of new business models based on circular economy, through the experiences developed and opportunities found in both projects. We were fortunate to have the technical support of Horizon Results Booster, with a great and plural reception of participants.

The event was a success in terms of attendance, with more than 60 high-level active participants with a wide variety of profiles, predominantly professionals linked to the paper industry. 

Mr. Lombard gave a masterful presentation on the state of the art and the future of the paper sector under the Green Deal and the strong European environmental commitments.

Paperchain was able to present its Circular Case 4 through David Blomberg and participated very actively in the very interesting final panel through Amaia Sopelana from Tecnalia, Yasmina Dkhissi from LGI, Juanjo Cepriá from ACCIONA and David Blomberg from RISE Processum. The event was designed by Greenize Projects y CEA.

You can watch the recorded event through this Youtube link.

You can also watch the presentations through this link.


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