The final event of the paperChain project

The final event of the paperChain project

The final event of the paperChain project was held last Friday 18th June with a resounding success of participation and with the satisfaction of being able to share a well-executed project with excellent results. 

PaperChain is focused on the creation of new business models developed from the use of waste from the large European pulp and paper industry in other sectors that are major demanding raw materials. After four years of research and implementation of pilot projects, the project has demonstrated the technical, environmental and socio-economic feasibility of its use, which opens very hopeful paths for the common European goal of moving towards zero waste. Approximately one hundred professionals from all over Europe participated in the event, developing their activity in the entire value chain covered by paperChain.

The event showed the progress of each of the 5 pilots developed in different areas of application and locations, called Circular Cases. The event was moderated by ACCIONA and included interventions of the Project Advisor Jiannis Kougoulis and CEPI’s Trade & Industrial Policy Director, Bernard Lombard.

The creation of strategic alliances is a key requirement for successful industrial symbiosis projects, as paperChain has demonstrated over the years. For this reason, the project was presented from the multiple and complementary perspectives of the partners involved throughout the entire value chain of the pilots presented. Practically all the companies that make up the consortium participated in preparation and participation in the event.

The event was divided into three distinct blocks. In the first block, each of the Circular Cases was presented individually, with a minimum of two participants per case and starting with a short introductory video. In this way, the case was contextualised, followed by a presentation of the problems faced and the execution of the project. Each intervention concluded with the main results and conclusions, including recommendations for policy makers.

The second of the blocks presented two of the most relevant aspects of the project for its exploitation and replicability, namely certification and the analysis of circularity and environmental impacts. These aspects have been endorsed as fundamental in current European policies and after years of implementation and analysis it was the ideal moment to present the project progress in this area.

Last but not least, a block was opened with all the participants, in which the moderator, Anurag Bansal, posed several relevant questions to the panelists. During this session, an attempt was made to resolve the doubts. The questions raised revolved around the lessons learnt from the implementation of the Circular Cases and the next steps to be undertaken in paperChain, such as the exploitation and replicability of the implemented solutions. The main obstacles and opportunities encountered in bringing the solutions to the market, the adoption of new technologies, the involvement of public administrations and some recommendations for developing this type of circular economy projects were discussed.

The whole event was held in the tone of harmony and collaboration that has accompanied the project throughout its life and with the satisfaction of a well-executed work and encouraging results and conclusions for the implementation of new solutions for some of the waste of the large European pulp and paper industry. 

The project is funded by the EU through the H2020 programme, demonstrating its global leadership in the implementation of circular economy projects.

We encourage you all to learn more about the project and to get in touch with the partners and continue with the exploitation and replicability of the developed solutions.

If you wish to have a look at the presentations and recordings of the event or share with your colleagues and network, you can find the links below:

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information or if you want to be one of the early adopters of the solutions presented.

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